My Response to a Jew with No Connection to Israel by Anat Ishai

My Response to a Jew with No Connection to Israel by Anat Ishai

This eloquent and powerful response of Anat Ishai

is also, I think, the best response to those who wonder how it’s possible that yesterday the UN ranked Israel the 4th happiest country in the world.
All the other countries in the top 10 are peaceful, wealthy countries like Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, and Luxemburg with no real enemies. What is Israel, a country where most people struggle to get by financially, and surrounded (and partially populated) by enemies obsessed with our destruction doing in the number 4 slot!!??
As Anat explains, the Jewish people’s long and difficult history and exile filled us with yearning for our ancestral homeland, and as a nation we feel great joy to be home. Another reason we find ourselves in the top ten is that our long and difficult history has trained us to look inward rather than outward, transcending difficulties by focusing on family, community, the Torah, and Hashem.
Thank you Anat, this video is right on!

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  1. Savta Chocolate

    Very well done. But I think she misspoke when she said how long ago the Romans distroyed the Second Temple.

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