Goodbye, Lucy HY”D

Goodbye, Lucy HY”D

Today we participated in a Chol HaMoed event attended by thousands of Israeli families.
Towards the end, one of the organizers took the microphone, his face set with a grim expression in jarring contrast to the festive atmosphere:
“I am sorry that I need to inform you that the mother, Lucy Leah Dee has died, she was murdered. May she rest in peace.”
Since Friday’s terror attack, during these days she was fighting for her life, I felt like I knew Lucy. She was a stranger, but she wasn’t. Because she was just like me.
Like me, she was an English speaker.
Like me, she was a mom.
Like me, she made aliya.
Like me, she was raising her kids in Israel’s National Religious community.
And just like that, this woman I never met but felt so close to was gone.
It took a few seconds for it to sink in, that my dear Lucy, Leah bat Zipporah was gone.
But then I began to weep, my shoulders shaking with silent sobs.
I felt a little embarrassed by my emotion. The people around me, for sure, wouldn’t understand why I was so emotional. They for sure didn’t know how connected I was to Lucy Dee. That I’d never met her, but I felt closer to her than I did to many people I had.
And then I looked up and saw the mother sitting next to me, nursing her newborn baby, was crying. And the high-school girl walking by was crying. And the man passing by carrying a toddler on his shoulders, was wiping away a tear.
This beautiful family has touched all of our hearts, the heart of the entire Jewish people.
Rabbi Leo Dee has requested that all of us whose hearts are breaking over his murdered daughters and wife HY”D should post an Israeli flag today on social media, as I’m doing here. Please like this post and post an Israeli flag on your social media pages in honor of Maia, Rina and Lucy Dee. May this bring some comfort to Rabbi Leo and his family. May Hashem comfort them among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, Amen.

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  1. HY”D
    so tragic. I was also davening for her and really thought she would make it 🙁 Your ahavat yisrael is inspiring.
    Do they have more children?

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