The Unexpected Phone Call

The Unexpected Phone Call
This morning my phone rang. It was a tour operator informing me that he’s very sorry but 4 large tourist groups he’d scheduled to send us were cancelling because of the security situation.
Not long after that my phone rang again. It was an accountant from a different company who had issues with an invoice we’d sent him.
Then the phone rang again. I braced myself for more bad news.
But after I reluctantly swiped “answer,” what awaited me wasn’t bad news. It was a very sweet tour operator from a different company who’d decided to call me out of the blue: “I just want to tell you how wonderful it is working with you! And what great feedback we get from our groups and guides! And I’ve been telling all my colleagues here, and they all want to send their groups to you as well!”
I was surprised. And cheered up.
I told her how deeply I appreciated her call, and thought how much I would like to be like that woman. To be the person who, on a hard day, knows just what to say to turn a hard day around. To turn a frown upside down:( šŸ™‚


  1. Wow Iā€™m so glad you answered that last phone call! I just had an experience with a person like this. I had been standing in line at the grocery store for over an hour, and each person had a different issue. By the time it was my turn, something else came up. Some sweet woman smiled at me knowingly and I burst into tears (Iā€™m also very pregnant!). She helped me pack my groceries and overall made a very hard situation so much easier. This is definitely a time for tikkun hamiddos, but Hashems love is still there.

    • JewishMom

      Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚
      appreciating small acts of kindess can definitely really change your day

  2. A bit ironic that the guests stated the security situation as the reason for cancellation – as if Israel was ever in a great security situation! I dwelled on that this past yom hazikron – how many tragedies lo aleinu have happened nearly every single month for the last 75 years. Between all the wars, the 1st intifada, the 2nd intifada, rocket attacks from Gaza, the knife intifada, and the countless horrible ruthless attacks… there really has never been peaceful time here for more than a month or two. We all are here with G-d’s mercy. B”H may Mashiach come speedily.

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