On the 4 Jews Murdered Today

On the 4 Jews Murdered Today

This past Sunday I brought a meal to a young mom I’d never met who’d just given birth to her second child.

Less than 2 hours later, I was about to take my son home from his horseback riding lesson when I turned the key and realized my car battery was dead.
I called Yedidim, and within 10 minutes a retiree named Itzhik driving a white Tesla had appeared to revive my car.
Driving home, I tasted the sweetness of being part of this family called Am Yisrael. I give when I can to people in need, and when I am in need people give back to me, B”H.
And today I tasted the bitterness of being part of this family.
4 Jews were murdered today by Palestinian gunmen.
One of them, 21-year-old Harel Massud HY”D, was the brother of my daughter’s friend and schoolmate. They had spent this past Shabbat together.
One of the injured, in serious but stable condition, is the son of Josh’s long-time friend and colleague.
We are one family, in times of happiness and tragedy too.
May we always stick together and support each other. And may Hashem send healing to the injured and comfort to the families of the murdered.


  1. So heartbreaking. HaShem yinkom damam. Please HaShem we need Mashiach already!!

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