Positive=Po-zeh-tov by Rav Gav Friedman

Positive=Po-zeh-tov by Rav Gav Friedman

Positive isn’t really an English word, it’s a Hebrew word that’s an acronym for Poh Zeh Tov (literally: Here It’s Good).

This here, right now, is good! Think to
yourself, is it possible that Hashem knows
more than I do? He loves me more than I
could imagine, and only wants the best for
me… so, if this is happening, it must be that
Poh Zeh Tov, that it’s good.
Imagine a five-year-old boy got on a bus and stood behind the bus driver. The boy begged him, “Driver, can you please crash the bus?”
“Of course, the driver said no. But as the
boy persisted, the driver finally asked him,
Why would you want me to crash the bus?
The boy replied, Because I’ve heard
SO much about bus crashes, and I’ve never
seen one before. I want to see what it looks
How many of us have said to Hashem,
Please Hashem, can you just do this for me?
And we beg and we cry… for Hashem to crash the bus. Hashem says, I’m sorry, but I’m nọt going to do it. Even though it’s hard for you and even though you don’t get it. I love you too much to do that to you, so the answer is No.”
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