From “What Was” to “What Now?”

From “What Was” to “What Now?”

This morning I heard about a woman organizing a huge delivery for lone IDF soldiers: 100 shampoos, 100 toothpastes, 100 pairs of black army socks, along with many other supplies the soldiers were in need of.

When I delivered the supplies I’d signed up for, I told her how impressed I was that she had undertaken such a big project to help the soldiers at such a challenging time.

This is what she then told me:

“My husband and son survived a deadly terror attack about ten years ago. So when I heard what had happened this past Shabbat, I felt myself beginning to panic. I was with a colleague who also survived a terror attack when she was in high school. She told me, “Listen, right now, get me a cup of coffee! One teaspoon coffee, one teaspoon sugar, and a little milk.”

There was something in this simple action, doing something for another person, that pulled her instantly out of her trauma fog of fear and powerlessness.

My daughter, who was just called up for reserve duty with the Air Force, echoed this same sentiment. I would’ve thought that being on duty during a war would be stressful and distressing. But my daughter told me that, in fact, since this past Shabbat, the only times she feels at peace is when she’s on duty. Combatting the terrorists who murdered so many. Doing what she can to keep Israel safe.

Today morale is incredibly and awe-inspiringly high among our troops. Moving forward, with determination and dedication, from the trauma.

And in small ways, every day, I’ve been trying to do the same. To help out how I can. Moving forward from the paralyzing nightmare of “What was” to the empowering hope of “What now?”

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  1. Very inspiring and helpful. Thank you.

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