Mama Rachel: The Unlikely War Hero from Ofakim

Mama Rachel: The Unlikely War Hero from Ofakim

At 7 AM this past Shabbat, 5 armed Hamas terrorists broke into the home of Rachel and David Edri, and held them hostage at gunpoint for 20 hours., Rachel is well-known in Ofakim as a powerhouse of good deeds, a one-person soup kitchen for the needy. This past Shabbat, Rachel used those same skills, like a modern-day Yael, to trick the terrorists holding her captive. But instead of feeding the enemy milk, Rachel fed them coke, cookies, pineapple, effectively stalling the terrorists so that the police (including her own 2 policeman sons) could neutralize the terrorists and free Rachel and David after 20 hours of captivity.
Rachel has become an overnight celebrity and war hero in Israel. This humble Jewish Mom and grandmother has even eclipsed the generals and military leadership, a reminder of the life-saving miracles a Jewish mother can work from her very own kitchen, home, and heart.


  1. AMAZING woman, B’H!

  2. I am speechless

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