My Daughter’s Shabbat on Duty

My Daughter’s Shabbat on Duty
Along with 100s of 1000s of other IDF soldiers, my 21-year-old daughter, Maayan, spent this Shabbat guarding Israel during her 12-hour shift at Israel’s Air-Force Headquarters in Tel Aviv.
Thank you for your prayers for Israel’s solders, my beloved Maayan among them, giving their all to keep the people of Israel safe from all of our enemies. Maayan sent me this photo of her fellow soldiers lighting candles before Shabbat, “I took it for!”
May Hashem guard over all our soldiers. And all the hostages. And all the people of Israel. Shavua tov! May it be a week of good news, please God.✡💟

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful ray of light Maayan! We are davening for you and all of the other soldiers. May we soon celebrate a full and decisive victory!

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