War Nachas

War Nachas

Every week, after I light Shabbat candles, I recite the V’Zakeini prayer:
” May I merit to raise children…who light up the world.”
Usually when I recite this, a quiet niggling sputters into my ear, “May I merit that that one will become religious. And that one will get married. And that one x, and that one y…”
But since the War started, the niggling nag has completely SHUT UP.
This is because since the War started I’ve been awe-inspired to see how all 4 of my adult children have dropped everything in order to volunteer full time to help and protect Am Yisrael.
My 18-year-old national-service girl is volunteering with the children evacuated from Sderot and Kibbutz Beeri at a hotel by the Dead Sea.
My 21-year-old daughter is serving 12-hour shifts at the Air-Force’s national headquarters.
My 23-year-old daughter is in Mitzpeh Ramon volunteering with the children of some of the thousands of evacuees from the South who have sought shelter there.
And my 25-year-old daughter is volunteering full-time at Jerusalem’s bustling “Chamal,” the Lev Echad Control Center assisting evacuees with all their physical and emotional needs.
It’s never been so clear to me, so brilliantly clear, that there is nothing I could’ve done in my life that would have brought more light to the world than give birth to and raise these kids. Because on my own I’m a single candle. But together, we are a fully-lit menorah, bringing comfort and healing to Israel and the Jewish people at this dark time.
May Hashem watch over my children and guide them and protect them, and all of us.


  1. AMEN!!!! What sweet nachas, B’H!!!

  2. May you continue to see much nachas from all your children. We should all have good news, peace, safety, and health for all of am Yisroel.

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