The Soldier’s Baby

The Soldier’s Baby

This past week I started volunteering as my sons’ school-bus monitor, so that my many neighbors with husbands away at the front (and a house full of little kids) will have one less thing to worry about.

Before becoming the bus monitor, I would have assumed that the main topic of conversation among the boys would be the war.
But I would be wrong. I hear the boys talking a lot about soccer. And about school. The principal said this, that boy got in trouble because of that…
But one memorable morning on the way to school, I heard a suprising topic of conversation I found wondrous.
The mother of one of the boys gave birth to a baby girl last week. And one of the tougher boys, a leader of the bunch, asked, “What do you think her name will be? I think Moriah!”
And the baby’s older brother said, “I think Tehila!”
My Yaakov said, “I think Noa!”
My Yoni then said, “I think Esther!”
This morning, the family made a kiddush at the shul on our street. The timing for the kiddush was complicated because the baby’s father is stationed on the northern border.
The tables were set up with blue and white tablecloths. Like the Israeli flag.
“The name we chose,” the emotional father told all of us, “is Tagel, ‘Be joyful.’ This is our prayer, after the tragic recent events, that this girl will be a comfort and a source of joy to the entire Jewish people.”
Earlier tonight the father set off again for his base, leaving behind his wife and their 6 young children, to protect Israel from our enemies to the North. May Hashem protect him and bring him back safely to his wife and beautiful family, and, with Tagel, may they all experience only joy and receive only good news, always.”

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