Beloved, Released 4-Year-Old Avigail Idan

Beloved, Released 4-Year-Old Avigail Idan

After her parents were brutally murdered on October 7th, American-Israeli Avigail Idan and her two older siblings were left orphaned. Avigail, who went to a neighbor’s home after her parents were killed, was taken hostage by Hamas along with her neighbors.

B”H, Avigail’s release yesterday was announced by President Biden and featured in newspaper headlines around the world.
My friend, Chaya, said something so beautiful and true about Avigail Idan that it gave me goosebumps.
She said, “You know, hundreds of thousands of people have been davening for this little girl. Their hearts breaking for her. And so many millions of people are overjoyed today over her release from captivity.
“The joy we all feel today reminds me just how beloved each and every one of us is.”
Since the war started, every day before I daven I thank Hashem for 10 things I’m grateful for.
This week, I don’t have to work hard to think of 10 things. I just look at the photo of each released hostage from the day before and say, for each one, Thank You, Hashem! Thank You, Hashem.”
Praying to have ALL the hostages home soon. Please God!

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