The Burden on our Hearts Right Now

The Burden on our Hearts Right Now

I’m sure every Jewish heart has a burden on its heart after hearing the news from Shabbat.

When I heard the news right after havdalah I felt so devastated
It doesn’t make any sense! We’ve all been praying so much for the hostages. And we even prayed for the hostages on Zot Chanukah, the day when a simple Jew can bring about miracles that only a tsaddik on Yom Kippur can! And then, right after Zot Chanukah, this unfathomable tragedy.
I don’t know why Hashem let this happen. But I do believe this, that when Hashem places a burden on you, he places his arms under you. To carry all of us, the grieving families and soldiers and nation, through this, all of this, until we reach the other side.


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