An IDF Soldier with a Wife and 6 Kids in Brooklyn by Miryam Swerdlov

An IDF Soldier with a Wife and 6 Kids in Brooklyn by Miryam Swerdlov

My friend Sarah’s son served in the IDF when he was a teenager. Since then he got married, they had 6 children and moved to Crown Heights.

When the war broke out on October 7th, he told his wife that if he gets a call from the army that he has to go do reserve duty. He has a wife and six kids, so he’s exempt from serving.. But he felt the calling. He felt this is something he has to do.

He got drafted for reserve duty. And he’s been there since October 9th. And then a week ago he was told that in two weeks he’s getting three weeks off.

Wow. He still hasn’t been home. But instead of going home, he really wanted to bring his wife and children to Israel.

That means seven tickets, and money is scarce. So he made some calls and he was told that he can get 25% off each ticket on El Al. But that’s still a whopping amount of money. Remember, he hasn’t worked since October the 7th! So he decided he can’t do it. He decides maybe he’ll fly home to visit his family instead.

That night, his friends told him that at a certain restaurant in Jerusalem soldiers eat for free. So off he and his friends went to the restaurant, and they were sitting and eating a wonderful meal when he saw the 2 men who were treating all the soldiers to this incredible meal in the back of the restaurant.

Being a very good-natured fellow, he walked over to them like a mensch, and said, “Thank you so much for this incredible meal.”

And one said: “Take some food home for your wife.”

And he said: I’d love to, but she’s in America with my six kids.

Then they asked him, when was the last time you saw them? So he told them his story that he wanted to bring them over, but he couldn’t afford it.

They looked at each other, these two fellows, and they said: Your tickets are covered.

The soldier didn’t believe it. But they insisted: “Go call your wife! Tell her to start getting ready. Our treasurer will call you in the morning.”

I have tears in my eyes sharing this story with you, and I’ve told it so many times, and it still moves me. .

Then they said: Do you have a place for them to stay? He said, No. They said: We have an apartment in Har Nof. They can stay there for the whole visit, no problem. And they’re giving them some extra funds for spending money during their trip.

Incredible. Incredible. No words.

Again, for the thousandth time since this war began, let’s say it: Mi K’Amcha Yisroel.

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