A Tiny Baby Girl with a Mighty Name

A Tiny Baby Girl with a Mighty Name

I just delivered some Shabbat food to my neighbour who had a baby girl on Sunday.

When I arrived, her 7-year-old daughter was enjoying herself holding the baby on the sofa, a precious pink bundle.
“So cute. Does she have a name yet?” I asked my neighbor.
“Yes,” with a smile that was almost bigger than her face she said, “her name is Elisheva Geula!”
“Elisheva Geula, beautiful name! Much nachas.”
But I didn’t really get it. The name sounded disjointed. The name of a great-aunt plus redemption. Say what?
Until on the way home, I got it.
Elisheva= My God promised, Geula=Salvation.
Every time anyone says this girl’s name it will be a reminder: My God promised to save us.
National geula. Personal geula.
For the hostages. For the injured soldiers. For those grieving. For those suffering, whether their suffering is connected to the war or totally not.
For our entire nation, Am Yisrael, for the entire world.
Elisheva Geula. For me and you and all of us.



  1. Beautiful

  2. Debra Alvo

    How beautifully powerful this precious tinkers names meaning!
    Am Yisrael Chai

  3. Debra Alvo

    Oops autocorrect is auto incorrect

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