1/320: An Unfathomable Miracle

1/320: An Unfathomable Miracle

To bring home the magnitude of last night’s miracle, here is one of the few missiles that managed to actually land in Israel by the Dead Sea. Imagine the catastrophe of historic proportions that could have resulted if a larger number of colossal projectiles like this actually reached Israel.
According to the IDF, Iran sent around 320 projectiles:
185 suicide drones
110 ballistic missiles
36 cruise missiles

And in the end, only around 32 of those projectiles, a measly 1%, made it past the Israeli, Jordanian, British and American air forces as well as the French Navy. Sadly 2 Israeli Bedouin children were seriously injured by falling shrapnel, and minor damage was inflicted to a single IDF base, but relative to the massive number of missiles and suicide drones, the fact that there were no fatalities and no serious damage was done to any military installations or other important structures is an out and out miracle.

Life, I once heard, is like walking through a field on a dark and stormy night. You walk in darkness, and can’t see what is ahead of you or behind you or above you, until a lightning bolt lights up the whole field for a few seconds. In order to get across that field and reach your destination, you need to hold the lit-up field, those seconds of perfect clarity, in your mind’s eye.

And that is what we need to do now. To hold this miracle, Hashem’s intervention and salvation, in our minds and hearts. So we don’t lost track of where we come from, our destination, and most importantly, Who’s above us.


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