Shlomi Ziv’s Emotional 1st Conversation After Release with Wife, Miran

Shlomi Ziv’s Emotional 1st Conversation After Release with Wife, Miran

It’s been many months since I felt the kind of joy I felt today when my daughter, Tsofia, came home close to the end of Shabbat and told us that her friend’s mother had heard from a foreign worker that 4 hostages had been released from captivity by IDF soldiers, B”H!!!
This video of the first conversation between Shlomi and Miran Ziv is so beautiful. I love how she asks him what she should bring him. And he tells her, “Drive safely!” May all the families of all the remaining hostages be reunited like this sweetest of couples!

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  1. A detail of this post stood out to me. You wrote that you heard about the rescue of the hostages from your daughter who heard it from a foreign worker. When I heard the good news on Shabbat, I was overjoyed by the news and also sad that it probably trickled in by good hearted people who didn’t yet know about the beauty of keeping shabbat. I’m thinking how hard you work to share the beauty of Shabbat with Jews on a large scale and you received the news of the rescue which brought you so much joy on Shabbat without anyone breaking Shabbat.

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