HaTikva at the Funeral of Elon Weiss HY”D

HaTikva at the Funeral of Elon Weiss HY”D

Elon Weiss was the beloved father-in-law of my daughter’s friend.

He was a very special man, and his death this past Shabbat in Gaza is a colossal loss for his family and community. Despite their grief, they managed to provide comfort for so many through this video. This song sung at Elon’s funeral is a reminder that Elon is gone, but the ideals and country he lived and died for are standing strong. May Hashem comfort them among all the many mourners this week in Zion and Jerusalem. Amen.  Today’s JewishMOM.com post has been sponsored:
Shidduch for Hadas Ateret bat Miri Miriam   Protection for all the IDF soldiers and the safe return of our hostages

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