Answers for the Soldiers’ Wives’

Answers for the Soldiers’ Wives’

At my son’s end-of-year party, his teacher shared a story about his wife, the principal of a girls’ school who took her teachers on a trip a few months ago to raise their spirits. Most of the teachers’ husbands had already been away for many months in Gaza or the North while the teachers were struggling to juggle the kids, the house, and their jobs all on their own.
During the lunch, the principal asked her teachers a question: “Do any of you know how long Hamas was preparing for the massacre on October 7th?”
“2 years,” one teacher answered. “4 years” another suggested. “I heard they were preparing for 7 years!” another concluded.
The principal then said, “The correct answer is that Hamas was preparing October 7th for 30 years. Because in order to shape human beings to become the monsters we saw on October 7th meant raising them from birth to adulthood to idealize murdering Jewish children and families. To brainwash them to believe that this is their ticket to Heaven.”
“I have another question for you,” the principal continued, “all of you whose husbands are away fighting. What is YOUR role in the home today?”
One teacher responsed, as the rest nodded in agreement: “Our job is to hold down the home front, to be resilient and strong so our husbands can win this war!”
The principal responded, “Yes, but more than that, your job is to shape human beings. To raise another generation of Jews who are the polar opposite of our enemies who, instead of building their own country, used the billions of dollars in aid they received to build terror tunnels to murder and rape innocent Israelis. To raise a generation who, 30 years from now, will be dedicated to building a better society and fixing the world. You mothers are watering the deep, wide roots of the Jewish people, so no longer how strong the wind blows, no matter how hard the earth shakes, we will still be here to show the world Am Yisrael Chai.”

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