Dvir’s Final Chesed

Dvir’s Final Chesed

This Shabbat, the parents and siblings of 21-year-old Dvir Lisha HY”D, were hosted by Jerusalem’s Heroism Tent.
His mother, who I realized had been my daughter’s high-school guidance counselor, told us about her special son:
Dvir was musically gifted, we loved singing together in harmony on Shabbat. He was also a gifted artist, and for his bar mitzvah we printed a booklet of beautiful pictures he had drawn for all of the parshiyot.
School wasn’t easy for Dvir. After 9th grade he dropped out of yeshiva, but he was determined to study Torah and eventually found his place at the yeshiva of south Tel Aviv. Dvir blossomed there and became close with the rabbis and the other students. But his passion was tirelessly doing chesed for the last few Jews who still lived in this crime-ridden section of Tel Aviv.
Every week, Dvir would bring food to the homes of the needy. He initiated home visits to check that no one was suffering from cold or hunger. He started a Torah-study program and Tehillim group for orphaned children. He secretly paid water and electricity bills for the poor. He cleaned the local synagogue as well as the shut-down mikveh which was littered with dirty syringes. Dvir cleaned up the mikveh so it could be reopened. Dvir was the sole companion of so many lonely people, a listening ear to so many elderly shut-ins. Dvir didn’t speak about what he did. We knew a little bit but found out about his countless acts of chesed during the shiva.
In the yeshiva dorm, a year before he was killed, Dvir’s roommates raised a difficult question. In a case of certain death, who would be willing to give everything – his life, his family and his future for the common good. For Israel. For the Jewish people. Only Dvir answered straight away without hesitation: Hineni. The common good above all. That was Dvir. He lived a life of depth. A life of truth.
The day of Simchat Torah, Dvir insisted on joining a different team of fighters who rushed from relatively safe refuge of the Zikim base towards the terrorist-ridden coast in order to save civilians. He forced open the door of the Military Vehicle and jumped in to join his friends. At the beach, he charged the many terrorists on his own. He was the only soldier killed at the Zikim Beach, and with his life he saved so many!
Dvir HY”D lived a life and died a death of idealism, self-sacrifice and chesed. May his memory be a comfort to his beautiful, grieving family and a blessing to all of the Jewish people.
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