Everything I Need Right Now

Everything I Need Right Now

Today I got some disappointing news about something I was hoping would work out but didn’t. And I was feeling upset, and the upset feeling wasn’t lifting for a long time.
So I thought of things I could do to cheer myself up.
I could buy myself a new skirt.
No, I already bought something new today, and it didn’t even make a dent.
I could name my emotions.
I’m frustrated. And disappointed. And angry.
Nope, didn’t help.
And then, out of the blue, I thought of a song I heard Tziona Achishena sing at a women’s festival by the Kinneret a few years ago, and I thought that might do the trick.
So I found the song on YouTube and listened to it around 8 times straight. And then I went to buy myself ice cream (which never hurts). And it worked. My down mood lifted.
I might not have that thing I wanted. And that’s disappointing. But really I have everything I need right now.
In Shira Smiles’ incredible new book on the morning blessings Arise and Aspire she writes something that’s made a deep impression on me regarding the blessing “Sh’Asa lee kol tsarki” (Blessed are You God…who provides all my needs).
“Hashem has already determined my destiny, and each one of us has her own unique path to traverse. When we say this blessing we thank Hashem for the individualized composite of our lives that enable us to carry out our Divine calling…I can’t compare my life to anyone else’s since we each have the package specifically designed for our own success…What I have NOW is what I need NOW.”
Please Hashem help me to believe that and LIVE it.
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  1. AMEN! May we all be blessed to keep remembering to be grateful for the abundance of blessings in our lives this moment.

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