The Older Single’s Torah Scroll by Racheli Moskovitz

The Older Single’s Torah Scroll by Racheli Moskovitz

[This post was sent to me by an old friend and long-time reader whose daughter is the awe-inspiring older single who organized this remarkable initiative. May Hashem bless her and all the searching singles to find their spouse this summer! Translated from Hebrew]
A new post caught my eye: “Home Wanted: A New Torah Scroll at the Bravery Tent.”
The post’s subtitle told an even bigger tale “For the Blessing of those in Am Israel seeking a Spouse.”
A dear friend, an older single, wanting to start a Jewish home stood up and took action, sponsoring the writing of a Torah scroll and everything that entails including a celebration of the new Torah scroll at the Bravery Tent honoring the war’s fallen IDF soldiers and their bereaved families (Wednesday at 6 PM, across from Cinema City, with Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, Sivan Rahav Meir, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu and singer Bini Landau.)
I asked to hear the entire story. Apparently, my friend started this project two years ago, on her birthday.
Every letter, every line, an entire Torah scroll funded by thousands of people seeking a spouse. The scribe prayed for all the participants for an hour and a half every day—a book of yearning, hope, and prayer.
When the war started, this young woman decided that the place where houses burned on Simchat Torah would be the new home of the Sefer Torah, and she searched for the right place amongst the communities of the Gaza Envelope. In some, people have yet to return. In some, Sifrei Torah have already been donated and they didn’t need any more.

That’s when the idea to give the Torah to the tent of the bereaved families came to her. There, to the tabernacle for the memory of our lost heroes, is where the book of all the wandering souls searching for a home will go.
She dreamt of organizing the event as a mass prayer gathering, a sort of procession towards the chuppah, “And who knows” she smiled to herself “maybe this will lead to the building of many new homes, started by the thousands of seekers that will meet there.”
Hoping that like the young women who would dance in the vineyards on Tu B’Av, so too at the Hachnasat Sefer Torah there would be a man who will approach a woman and ask for her number. Men and women who will find their missing piece.
In a year that so many lives were lost, so many of us are seeking to add life to this world, to build a tabernacle, a home of their own. How many stories have we heard about singles who died in this war and told friends or relatives just shortly before how much they want to start a family? Their words leave us a legacy. To remember, to see those who seek, to think, to suggest, to take interest, to pray.
There is a famous song with the words: “This summer you will wear white.” A wish, a longing, a yearning. What will happen this summer? Maybe there will be an election, we don’t know how Gaza will look by the end of summer, or how the events on the northern front will turn out.
In days of war, there are many more question marks than exclamation marks, and through this fog, the song promises “This summer you will wear white.” There is certainty in the uncertainty; homes will be built, love will bloom, and those who seek shall find, please God.

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