The Soldiers Guarding My Home Left Me a Note

The Soldiers Guarding My Home Left Me a Note

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We’re from Kibbutz Hanita on the Lebanese border, and on October 8th we received a message from the Kibbutz council urging us to leave for 24 to 48 hours (!) until things calm down a little bit. So, 9 months ago we left home with a small bag and left the house as is.
Later, soldiers came to the kibbutz and camped out there in temporary lodging for a few months. At some point, we opened our homes to the soldiers so they could live in them.
We kept in touch with the soldiers and offered them to feel at home and use whatever they might need. But they, maybe because of politeness or shyness, only used the bare necessities. Three months later, and after a few units had passed through our home, the army decided it no longer needed the house and the soldiers left.
Today we were at home to pick up a few things and found this note in the photo with a 10 NIS coin on it. The note says: “I took 1 pasta (7.90 NIS). Thank you very much! Signed: Armored Division, Team Amit.” We are talking about a unit of regular soldiers, a tank unit, kids that are the same age as my own children that felt uncomfortable taking a package of pasta while they’re risking their lives to protect my home.
So I have a couple of things to say about that. First of all, we already understand that this is a generation of Biblical-level heroes, but this story shows that they also have great morals, which moved and impressed me even more.
Also, I owe those soldiers 2.10 NIS change for the pasta, so if someone from the unit sees this, and you’re in the area of Kibbutz Shomrat where we’re staying and available, please get in touch.
I want to return your change, and add a hearty meal and a big hug from the bottom of my heart.
We have such great children! God bless them all!

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