See my Favorite Musician, Efrat Razel, in 1st Online Concert!

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The most recent Efrat Razel concert this past July really felt like being at the Neila service on Yom Kippur- it was that uplifting! And I was SO incredibly disappointed that I had NO WAY of sharing this evening of incredible inspiration and hope and emuna with everybody on this list. And then yesterday, I found a link to Efrat’s most recent concert ONLINE at long last. YAY! So now, all of you can also enjoy this shining morsel (yes, I did love putting those words together) of Redemption for every Jewish woman.

I think the following lines from the concert’s first song Modah Anee are among the most beautiful I have ever heard, a theme song for every single Jewish mom.

מודה אני לפניך מלך אל חי וקיים/ על קרני האור שמתוך הקור חודרים עלי

על צחוק של ילד שנתתה לי/ ועל מה שעוד תיתן

על כל מה שיש לי/ וגם על מה שאין/ עזור לי גם ביום הזה

I praise You, G-d, the Living and Present King

For the rays of light that penetrate me from within the coldness

For the laughter of the child You have given me and for everything You will give me in the future

For everything I have

And also for everything I do not have

Help me also on this day.

Another thing, Efrat is the oldest of 4 sisters, and they perform together as a group! Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard??

OK, this is a little complicated, but very worth it…

1. Click this
2. Where there are asterixes insert the code 2626 and press the word שלח (this is to ensure that ONLY WOMEN see this- please only share with other women)
3. Forward the time to 5:36

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