Royal-Wedding Shavuot (5 Photos from London)

Royal-Wedding Shavuot (5 Photos from London)

Tanya Garber of London and her family celebrated Shavuot this year with a special Royal-Wedding twist…I adored these photos!

Wedding Cake for God and the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai

Decorations with royal and British theme mixed with American red, white and blue, in honor of Prince Harry and Meghan

Sausage Torah Scrolls


10 Commandment Challot

Mt. Sinai Cake


  1. Omg how creative!!! Love it 😉

  2. wow, impressive.
    good ideas for next year, thanks for sharing.

  3. Emese Oseni

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fab ideas!!!!!!

  4. Incorparating all of the ingredients of successful chinuch: Hands on, creative, involves multiple senses, creates pleasant associations! Lucky kids!

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