This Week's Mommy Peptalk: The Eternal People and the Jewish Mom

On the moving and historic bar mitzvah of the grandson of the Belzer Rebbe, and the secret weapon of the Eternal People– the Jewish mom.

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  1. Rachelle Priel

    Hi Chana,

    It’s Rachelle from New York city. Always a pleasure to hear and see you on your blog!! I love the touch of Jerusalem I get when I see and hear you.

    It’s Tuesday evening after my class with my Rebbitzen, Esther Jungriess. I heard you mention her so I had to write. It’s the best part to being here in Galut geting to hear her regularly. She’s very impassioned in most of her shuirem with the coming of Messiach. All the classes speak of it, all you tube “jewish” prophesies are dating Paseach 2012 for Messiach arrival. The time of our redemption!!!! With what’s going on with world politics and the real reality of nuclear war, I really believe it to be true.

    We are here on a mission of out reach. I can do more here in New York! It’s obvious to me now. It’s our place. My husband and I can make more of a difference here then in Israel, and I love teaching Tahara Hamispacha. I feel I’m fixing the world One kallah at a time. It’s such an important mitzvah. New york jews are yearning, yet the yatzer harah has got Jews her by the throat. The Rebbitzen say the Neshomas of people are so atrophied, it’s hard for them to even except Eretz Yisroel, as being ours. She refers to many souls as being dead it’s so bad and thats a quote!!!

    Always looking forward to Jerusalem in the summer. Would be nice to see you. Thanks for all you good, holy, and helpful messages

    Kol tuv from NYC

    Rachelle Priel

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