A Masterpiece from the Weisberg Fridge

Moriah Weisberg's Masterpiece

OK, you’ve got four guesses. My precocious 4-year-old, Moriah,  has drawn an:

A. Enraged egg

B.  Encaged sheep

C. Bun-less yet Leggy Hamburger

D. None of the Above

If you guessed D, you’re right.

But still… what IS IT?

When I tell you, it’s going to be so obvious that you’re going to kick yourself…

This is Moriah’s picture of Avraham Avinu in the Kivshan Ha’esh, our Patriarch Abraham in the Fiery Furnace where the wicked King Nimrod placed him for breaking his father’s idols.

Now you see it, right? It so clear… The beads of sweat on Avraham’s forehead. The look of exasperation mixed with monotheistic determination on our Patriarch’s face…

This is going to get prime real estate on the Weisberg Family fridge… I LOVE IT!


  1. It is so nice to see your excitement about your children. The picture is precious expression of your daughter.
    Your enthusiasm is a nice pick-up on a Sunday morning (which is when I’m reading this).

  2. i assumed it was mommy surrounded by kisses

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