Mom's Scary Face

Stephanie Nielson with her children before the plane crash

I cannot get this woman out of my mind.

Stephanie Nielson was a famous mommy-blogger and devoted mom of 4 from Utah when she and her husband nearly died during a plane crash in 2008.  By the time Stephanie woke up after 3 months in a coma, her children didn’t even recognize her scarred face. They were SCARED of her, FLED from her.

Stephanie was devastated. She looked in the mirror and saw a scarred stranger looking back at her. She went through months and months of mourning for her old self until Stephanie, a religious woman with rock-solid faith, came to a life-altering realization:

I am Stephanie Nielson, and I am not my body.

I’m not my former beauty-queen face. I’m not my former Holly Hobbie freckles. I’m not my former size 4 clothing from the Gap. I’m not my family that used to look just like that family in the picture frame I bought at Walmart.

So who am I then?

I am, she realized, what would be left if my possessions and my clothing and my flesh and my bones were burnt away to nothing and evaporated in a poof of smoke.

I am Stephanie Nielson, she realized. I am a soul. I am me.

The Nielsons’ poignant story of healing- of a mother, a father, their children, and an entire family- is an incredible tribute to the power of love and family and the awe-inspiring strength of one mother’s resilient and beautiful soul when tragedy struck.

Click to watch Stephanie Nielson’s story here…

Stephanie Nielson struggles to become a mother again.

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