Mikvah Praise on the Tyra Banks Show

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This proud, beautiful Chassidic woman telling Tyra Banks and the American public the truth about Mikvah made my day. (Thanks to Jill from Manhattan for sending it my way. Since I posted this, a few people emailed to tell me that the woman speaking is Faya Lipskier, co-director of the Chabad House of the West 60’s in Manhattan.).

Way to go! Jewish moms of the world salute you!


  1. Estee Kreiner

    I think its so beautiful when as frum woman we are proud of our heritage and dont just keep it for our selves but allow the rest of the world to see why we are unique and special. There are many customs that I find challanging. This, The mikvah, i think is one of the most intamate and relationship builders for our marriages.

  2. I’m waiting for the “spa” mikvahs to come to Jerusalem!!

    I could not believe the luxurious mikvah that I visited in LA!!

  3. Thanks for posting and helping me spread the word positively Chana. It was quite an undertaking for me getting up there and speaking about mikvah on Tyra. Seeing wonderful feedback here makes it all worth it! One day I will have to blog about my whole experience and how I ended up on the Tyra Banks show. Lots of love from NYC, Faya

  4. While it was nice to hear the positive, enthusiastic sides of Mikveh, it would be have been even nicer to hear a slightly more honest version of the less exhiliration aspects of this halacha. A more nuanced presentation would have made it more real. .

  5. OK so this is a really late comment, by a year and a half!!!!!! But I noticed the looks on the womens faces and they were TOUCHED DEEPLY.

    I wonder about the mysterious spa experience: NEVER HAD IT!!!!!!!! That’s why they call Israel the land of emuna…. 🙂

  6. I disagree that this women went on public television, this is a private tradition that is sacred it is not appropriate to publicizes such a special time in a Jewish marriage. We keep holy aspects of our lives private. There is a time and place for everything and this was not the time or place.

  7. BS’D
    Wow, she was so eloquent, that even though I was skeptical at first that a woman on such a show could possibly do justice to the mitzvah of taharah mishpacha, she really did. Kol ha’Kavod!

  8. This is an even later post…but I just saw this now…anyways..she really did an Awesomr jpb of explaining something so complex to mamish foreign ears …what a kiddush Hashem…for todays public television and shameless generation she let the world know why kdoshim tihiyu means holy as well as seperate from mainstream…yshar coach!

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