An Urgent Request from Rabbi Gavriel Sasson

An Urgent Request from Rabbi Gavriel Sasson

Rabbi Gavriel Sasson, who lost seven of his children in a Brooklyn fire a few weeks ago has issued an earnest request:
“I ask the public to daven for my wife:
Gila bat Francis and for my daughter Tzipora bat Gila
For complete recovery B’soch Sha’ar Cholei Yisrael.”

Rabbi Sasson said that his daughter is improving and it is hoped that she will be released from hospital in the near future. His wife’s condition is more serious and she is still in an induced coma.He asks everyone who sees this announcement to please forward it to five people who should forward it further and reminds the public that: “Whoever prays for his fellow, his prayer is answered”.


  1. dear Jewishmom!
    we translated your post into Spanish and published it the same day you published yours – and this is the result – if you have any contact with Rav Gavriel please tell him of the huge impact of his request. only besorot tovot!

    URGENTE PEDIDO del Rav Gabriel Sasón!!!
    El Rav Gabriel Sasón, quien perdió a siete de sus hijos en un incendio en su casa de Brooklyn hace unas cuantas semanas, acaba de hacer público un urgente pedido:
    “Le pido por favor al público que oren por mi esposa: Guila bat Francis (Guila hija de Francis) y mi hija: Tzipora bat Guila (Tzipora hija de Guila) para una total recuperación en medio de los enfermos del pueblo de Israel”. …
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