My Erev Shabbos Anthem

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I wanted to share the song that every week has me flying and smiling and singing through the cooking and cleaning and mess and stress of Erev Shabbos.

I think this song is truly the Holy of Holies.


  1. miriam leibowitz

    I love this song too, we listen to it over and over. thanks for sharing it.

  2. Very beautiful music, but am I the only one who is looking in vain for a reference to women and our Shabbat experience in these images or in the description of the Hassidic movement?

  3. How do u listen to the song? There’s no icon to click on. Not the 1rst time that the link was missing to some topic I clicked on.$

  4. Me too! I listen to it every erev Shabbos, and I found it on your website! It is truly special.

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