Mazal Tov to Recovered Groom-Soldier Aaron Karov and Wife!

Aaron and Tsvia Karov's Chuppah, several hours before Aaron was Sent to the Gaza War

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This past December, I posted “A Chanukah Miracle,” an interview with recovered war hero Aaron Karov, the idealistic IDF lieutenant who was nearly killed in the Gaza War several days after his wedding. Karov’s surprise recovery was hailed by his doctors as nothing short of a modern miracle.

And yesterday, this exceptional young man and his equally exceptional wife, Tsvia, who allowed for her husband to leave for the War less than 24 hours after their chuppah, and then stood by his side through the darkest moments of his long and tortuous recovery, surprised us once again when they became the proud parents of a newborn baby girl.

I think Israeli Prime Minister said what all us are feeling as we hear this phenomenal news when he told Aaron Karov in a phone conversation a few hours after his daughter’s birth: “Mazal tov from the depths of my heart! This birth is a victory for life and a victory for the Jewish people. The fact that you remained alive is a miracle, and the birth of your daughter is a miracle as well. I bless you that your family will continue to grow and that you will have infinite nachas.”


May Aaron, Tsvia, and their families continue to be blessed with an abundance of good news and happy occasions from now on!

Watch the amazing, inspiring interview with Aaron Karov about his recovery from this past Chanukah

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  1. with many tears in my eyes, wishing the new abba and ima much nachat and good health with their new baby!

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