Rivka bat Yael Razel Update: Yonatan Razel Speaks in New Video about Rivki

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I feel like I spent this whole week with little Rivki Razel, Rivka bat Yael.

I am in charge of making the movie for the Rachel and Leah Nursery School end-of-year party, so this week ganenet Rachel gave me all of the photos she had taken of the girls over the course of the year. Little Rivki is all over the photos: smiling, laughing with friends, playing with her cousins, Annael and Miriami, who also attend the same nursery school.

And then I came to the photo of Rivki with her mother, Yael, who volunteered to chaperone the nursery school field trip, Rivki at Yael’s side as they look at a computer. Volunteering to chaperone a field trip? What kind of mother does that? A better mother than me, that’s for sure. Wow.

And then this morning, I sat next to Rivki’s aunt, Ricka, at Yoel’s end-of-year party, and asked how Rivki is doing. I’m used to vague answers to this question along the lines of: “She’s doing a little better, thank G-d, slowly slowly…” But Ricka reached into her purse for her IPhone and said, “Rivki’s made a ton of progress over the last 2 weeks. Let me show you!” So for the first time since the accident I got to see Rivki! Another wow…

Ricka showed me video footage of Rivki at the Alin Rehabilitation Hospital from this past Sunday. There was Rivki on the IPhone’s screen straddling a large swing, swinging back and forth with her physical therapist behind her, smiling, looking around, laughing, looking amazingly similar to the pre-accident photos I had been organizing for the movie. And Yael, Rivki’s eema, is absolutely beaming in 7th Heaven beside her.

Now don’t get me wrong. Doctors are warning Rivki’s family that it should take at least a year of hard work for Rivki to regain the capabilities she had before the accident. She isn’t walking, she isn’t talking. She’s got a very long way to go, and is still desperately in need of our prayers. And you should know that there are few things in the world that provide more comfort and hope to Rivki’s parents than YOUR prayers, and the prayers of people like you all over the world. But, thank G-d, from what I saw in that video, it appears that things are definitely moving in the right direction.

This past Sunday, Yonatan Razel, Rivki’s father, was also hopeful when he spoke about Rivki’s condition during a musical performance at Kfar Chabad. Yonatan said, “Several people asked me, so I’ll just tell you briefly that our daughter has woken up. Her eyes are open, she smiles, she laughs, she cries, she recognizes us, she responds. She cries because I’m leaving. She moves things around. Thank G-d, we don’t have words to thank G-d for everything He has done for our daughter. Even if I was thanking G-d from now until the end of my days, I wouldn’t manage to thank Him enough.”

You can watch video footage of Yonatan Razel singing and speaking about Rivki at Kfar Chabad (his speaking appears at 9:30 in the video time code) at this link.

So please, Jewish moms, keep Rivka bat Yael in your prayers, that she should be blessed with a complete and miraculous recovery! May we continue to hear good news from Rivki Razel!

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