Making Every Day Count by Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov

I don’t usually share full-length classes, but I watched this class yesterday as I sorted through a few weeks worth of laundry, and I just had to share it with every Jewish mom I know. I love hearing Miryam Swerdlov’s classes– she is very smart, very funny, and most importantly, speaks totally from her gut. She is 100% real.

(I first heard Mrs. Swerdlov speak under very tragic circumstances, when I filmed her speak on the final day of the shiva of her granddaughter Shula Swerdlov z”l this past fall. I had no idea at the time that in addition to being Shula’s grandmother she is also an internationally acclaimed lecturer).

With Rosh Chodesh Elul only a few days away, this hour-long class presents powerful wisdom to get you spiritually in shape for Rosh Hashana by learning how to get the most out of every single day of your life.


  1. Thank you for sharing this video, Chana! It was inspirational and very entertaining! Well worth it to watch/listen (especially if you are busy peeling potatoes…) Good Shabbos!

  2. it does not seem to be working now

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