Mommy Peptalk: Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Day

What Marc Mezvinsky gave up when he married Chelsea Clinton.


  1. Chana…You expressed so eloquently the feelings I felt on Shabbat, and I am sure the feelings of many others as well…We are the legacy of our forefathers and must maintain that honor and zchut!
    This wedding reflects what is happening to Jews in the galut…thinking they have everything, they are really losing everything! He is like a confused little boy….wearing his tzitzis and kippa with pride while simultaneously throwing it all away. Very sad.

  2. I agree, and your words gave me chills. What we have is priceless. Although we are each so different, and in such different places and life circumstances, your words cut through all of that to our commonality. Jewish women with Jewish husbands and Jewish homes and Jewish children. You make us reevaluate what we have to just be thankful for it. Thank you for your inspiring words!

  3. Yasher Koach on this great video — you really put your heart and soul into this!

    While this is an unfortunate thing to say, it is sometimes hard for me to really feel the pain each time I hear a story like this, with assimilation and intermarriage seeming so prevalent here in America.

    So I commend you on really being affected by this story and utilizing it in a positive way — to learn a lesson and inspire others.

  4. Michal Vas

    WOW! Jenny, is there any way to market this video on youtube so that maybe maybe, even just one Jew is saved from extinction? Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  5. yehudis chana

    Jenny, that was beautiful and heartfelt, sensitive and so true. I agree with you in every respect but one: you say he has nothing, but I beg to differ: he still has a “pintele yid”– which can be resurrected at any moment, in the blink of any eye. How many of us “b.t.s’ know this from personal experience? Let’s not write him off…may Hashem have compassion on him and awaken his neshama….

  6. Yehudis Chana! AMEN! He still has a pintele yid and Hashem WILL have compassion on him and awaken his neshama … we just need to daven for him and all our lost neshamas who need to find their way back.

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