There Goes My Life

Two years ago, during a pretty rough stretch of mommy burn-out, I prescribed for myself a month of daily doses of this video. Today, just hearing the intro music makes me start bawling… I think this song by Country music star Kenney Chesney is just about the best Mommy Peptalk that exists. Turn up your speakers and get out your tissues, Jewish moms.

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  1. Don't get it!

    will someone tell me what this video is all about,confused. Besides the football player being really cute and very sad and the young lady w/ the long blonde hair really pretty albeit in a goyishe way, don’t get it about the passage of time and letting go, enjoying your children before they leave home..but why was the young man crying after football practice seemingly on the brink of deep despair; open for comments, guess I am pretty thick. enlightment please?

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