Comfort, Healing, and Joy by Dr. David Fox


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In a comment she left on this week’s peptalk on overcoming depression and anxiety, a viewer named Becky highly recommended the book Comfort, Healing, and Joy: Secrets to Leading a Magnificent Life by Dr. David Fox. So I googled the book, and downloaded a free copy of the 1st chapter on Amazon. I’m embarrassed to tell you that this selection below from the book made me cry, since so many things I post make me cry that you probably think by now that my computer is circled by a moat of tears. But, the truth is, it did…Enjoy, Jewish mom!

Some people were exposed early on in life to frequent criticisms and negative judgments, leaving them feeling like they’re never good enough, or otherwise incomplete in some way. Over and over again, throughout their lives they re-play that critical voice in their head, generating the feeling of being inadequate each and every time they do. That inner voice can be so automatic and so subtle, a person might not even be conscious of hearing it at all. Even high achievers- perhaps that is why are they are high achievers- can
suffer from a poor self-image, leading them on a quenchless thirst for proving themselves worthy of validation from others over and over again. The trouble is they simply see themselves through the eyes of the harsh critic that resides within their minds, and they don’t
like who and what they see. If this is true for you, even sometimes, if not more often, there is another way.

Think of someone right now who loves you deeply and without conditions, in other words, for no particular reason at all. This person may be alive, and a part of your life, or they could have passed on long ago. If you can’t think of anyone, that’s alright too. Just ask yourself what it would be like if someone did love you deeply and unconditionally, even if they’re not in your life at this time.

In your mind’s eye, step inside that person now. That’s right, place yourself inside of them, and while you are there, see yourself through their eyes, the same eyes that hold a deep love for you. Notice how it feels when you picture yourself through the lens of unconditional love. If you could speak to yourself through this person, how affectionate would this loving voice sound to you? What would this caring voice say to you? How charitable would it be?

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