A Very Special Child

This inspiring video is about Mendel from Camp Simcha, a camp for Jewish children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Mendel is famous for asking every man he meets a certain question…This brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy, Jewish Mom!

A Very Special Child
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  1. How can the Aibershter resist giving this child a refuah sheleimah right now? Call me a softie but I know I could never say no to this beautiful soul!

  2. He has the eyes of a Tzaddik. Ergo, a very lofty soul. If we are to learn something from this kleina tzaddikel, it might be that life dioesn’t have to be full of questions and complicated analysis. Life is simple. Truth is simple. Are you Jewish? So lets do a mitzva together. If not, let’s shake hands and exchange a warm smile. Of the 4 sons mentioned in the Hagadda, the best one is called a Chacham NOT a tzaddik. Why? He is so smart, he asks lots of questions. A tzaddik doesnt ask so much. He just DOES.

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