With an Adopted Ethiopian Daughter in the Kitchen

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9 years ago, I took a parenting class with Rabbanit Talia Helfer. I loved that class. It totally made me into the mom I am today.

But what I loved most about Rabbanit Talia’s classes was how she told us so many unforgettable stories about parenting her own children. And the story that filled me with the most longing, I think, was when she told us about the atmosphere in her kitchen before major holidays. The music playing, the laughter, the air thick with camaraderie and excitement over the fun mother-daughter togetherness and the approaching holiday.

This article by JewishMOM Ilie Ruby about working in the kitchen with her adopted Ethiopian daughter reminded me of Rabbanit Talia’s pre-holiday kitchen. Ilie Ruby writes, “I wonder if feelings of home…are created through work that is done to take care of a family, shared by a mother with her daughter, together, again and again, side by side.”

So perceptive, so beautiful. I get so stressed with my kids in the kitchen, I need total solitude and uninterrupted silence to cook. But I don’t want it to be that way anymore. Reading this article, I know I also want to share positive cooking-together experiences with my own children in my own kitchen! Please, Hashem!

The Scents and Tastes of Home by Ilie Ruby

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  1. I used to cook with six daughters. Everyone was focused and intent on properly doubling or tripling their recipe without messing up the math. Chanala Felig was playing on the tape player. Those were the days…

    But these are the days too, because now those daughters are all B”H cooking in their own kitchens with their own daughters. That makes me very happy.

    And soon IYH… the granddaughters will be cooking with their daughters… but I must say, it’s not easy (and nowhere as much fun) for me to make Shabbos and Yom Tov and sheva brachos all by myself.


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