And the Winner Is…

Winner at the Delta County Fair, Colorado (LOC)photo © 1939 The Library of Congress | more info (via: Wylio)
Mazal tov to Chaya Cohen of Jerusalem for winning the “Best Advice I Ever Received Contest”!

Chaya is one of 29 readers who signed up for the 4-week free trial offer of Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s life-altering Personal Development Chabura, and Chaya’s name was chosen at random to win an entire 12-week session of the Chabura!

The truth is that I am so happy that Chaya won in the end. I have never met her, but over the years Chaya Cohen has been one of my most loyal readers, and she has helped me immensely on many, many occasions.

It was Chaya who told me about Dina Friedman’s parenting class, which I am taking now and LOVING! On occasion, Chaya has provided me with much-needed and fantastic blog-related technical advice (she is a professional website developer). It is Chaya who sends me inspirational parenting stories that I love so much and have shared in my peptalks. Once Chaya even caught a typo a few minutes before I sent out my weekly newsletter that would have been really, REALLY embarrassing if she hadn’t pointed it out to me.*

Mazal tov, Chaya! And THANK YOU!

*In an blog post a few weeks back I referred to one of the greatest rabbis of the previous generation, Rabbi Dayan Fisher, as “infamous” instead of “famous.” I wrote this because I had mistakenly thought that infamous meant VERY famous (that’s what living in Israel for 18 years can do to you. My Hebrew’s not native-level perfect, and my English no longer is either). FYI, for those of you who also don’t know, infamous actually means “Having a reputation of the worst kind.”

The weirdest thing about this potentially-incredibly-embarrassing “Famous/Infamous” incident was that the week I posted that article I had been trying and trying to send out that week’s newsletter, but all of a sudden my computer filter went absolutely ballistic and started blocking EVERYTHING.

It was incredibly bizarre, and I was totally frustrated because this filter issue meant that I wouldn’t be able to send out the newsletter on time. I tried to remind myself through all the stress and frustration that “Hashem is making this happen, and He must be doing it for a reason!” but I wasn’t really convinced.

And then, while fiddling with my ballistic filter and making zero headway, I received Chaya Cohen’s Email explaining to me that I really did not want to write “The infamous Rabbi Dayan Fisher.” I thanked Chaya effusively, and fixed my mistake. And within a few minutes my newsletter was on its merry way. Weird, right?

Thank you, Chaya, for your careful reading, and thank you Hashem for saving me from my own stupid whopper of a JewishMOM blooper!


  1. I tried signing up for the chabura, but here in Seattle – the timing is really bad!!

    BTW that computer thing once happened to me. My friend called me up to get a guy’s phone number from the computer and everything just kept freezing (when i was a teenager and we weren’t supposed to be talking to boys) and i couldn’t log on anywhere. My friend didn’t believe me, but the next time I went online, everything was fine.

    • Sara, the chabura is so lifechanging for me even though I have only listened to it live once!
      and I’m also at a time in my life where I think I can’t put s muh time into it as others, but it is still amazing. just wanted to share in case you can lisen to recordings instead of the live classes.

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