When Your Children are Struggling with Judaism (3-Minute Chizuk Video)

When Your Children are Struggling with Judaism (3-Minute Chizuk Video)

As the mother of a child on their own derech, I got a lot of chizuk from this panel at Amudim’s 36-hour fund-raising event (UniteToHeal.com). Here’s some highlights from Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Yakov Horowiz, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin.


  1. Mina Esther Gordon

    Children are born and slowly develop into adults. They don’t even choose their schedule of development nor can they be hurried along before they are ready.
    Their emotional, intellectual, and social development comes along too through various stages.
    Spiritual maturity is no different. Imagine your rebellious child as a toddler learning to walk when he falls he needs your encouragement and your faith in his ability to get it right.

    • thanks mina, that helps

      • Mina Esther Gordon

        This idea is based on a verse in Hosea 11:3

        ואנכי. תרגלתי לאפרים קחם על זרועותיו,

        Which can be translated ” I trained Efraim to walk and I took him by his arms.

        This verse also explains why life keeps getting challenging; just as the toddler takes what seems to be the last step to his parent’s open arms, the parent takes a step or two back, in order to encourage the child to push beyond his comfort zone….

  2. Thank you!! Always need to hear these messages.

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