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I was pretty shocked (and also thrilled) last week when one of my blog posts received just over 4000 views- doubling my all-time blog record. Below is the post which is making history! (Special thanks to Yikrat Friedman of for the link that sent so many people my way).

Here’s the winning post:)
Hear Aaron Razel’s Newly-Released Hit Song!

If you love this song, vote for it to win as best new song at Reshet Gimmel: In order to vote, check off song #5 as well as 4 other boxes, and then click the orange box on the bottom of the screen and fill out your details on the next screen.

If you know Hebrew, click here to vote for the song to win as best new song at Israeli Army Radio.

Aaron Razel last month with his newborn son, Eliya Mordechai. Photo by Efrat Razel.

I have been waiting for FOUR WHOLE YEARS for Aaron Razel to put out a new solo album. And I’m sure I’m not alone– Aaron Razel is one of the most popular musicians in Israel today.

So I was really happy and surprised to hear the fantastic new song “What did You Do Today?” on the radio last Sunday, and the announcement that this song will be featured on Aaron Razel’s soon-to-be-released album.

I LOVED the song, and I right away started working on a music video for it– with a JewishMOM twist;) My favorite photo in the video is, of course, the one of Aaron holding his month old baby, Eliya Mordechai. SO CUUUUTE!

I became totally obsessed with making this video this week, it kept me up too late and wake me up too early and distracted me throughout the afternoons with my kidlings. Efrat Razel, my dear buddy and Aaron’s wife, helped me out a lot with it as well with advice and photos. This video completely gobbled up my week, and is the reason why there are fewer posts than usual this week…Enjoy!


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  1. I absolutely love this song and its message! If you don’t mind, I am going to share it on twitter. Also love your video, it was time well spent!

  2. I agree the song is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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