Mommy Peptalk: How to Boost Self Esteem

“I am ahead of some people in life, and behind some others, but I’m not superior or inferior.” –Dina Friedman

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  1. Amen! I love you Chana Jenny because your so REAL, you just shared something that I totally relate to– and I found that I have to really talk myself out of the “low self esteem” place when I see or meet this particuar woman – myself- who I also Admire VERY much- how weird is it that there is an underlying competitive type feeling that I hate feeling and lately to get out of it – like I said – I talk to myself saying-singing, rather..”ze maaseh shelo, vze maaseh sheli-” this is that persons purpose or doings and this is mine- like I heared on a CD from Rav Arush- and I sing it and try to internalize that everyone has their own life, circumstances, means, etc…but Hashem really saw that this was a huge issue for me that really got me down and so one day a few months ago we both got invited to a simcha and she asked if she could come with me with her daughter- well I brought my 2 girls and on the way they were singing and being silly and just being kids, and then she mentioned how her kids wouldnt dare act this way in the car, when she drives its silence the whole time, since she needs to be concentrating and what not.. and then it hit me, along with a phone call she made where I heared her reaction to something- that everyone- just like you said- has their flaws and has their own way of life, and ever since I stopped comparing myself to her and I am not so phased by her appearance at places i go – because we have designated differences that Hashem chose for us- and its just the Yetzer Hara trying to fool us into believing that theres one ultimate WAY to be the perfect mom, wife, person.- just as our faces are different so are our approaches to reaching our ultimate lifes goals as Jewish mothers. Thank you for this peptalk- and I am really working on being me- thanks to your inspiration and advice- I joined the chabura and the gym and I am loyal to your blog!

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