Please Pray for Yosef Simcha ben Zakah Basya

Please Pray for Yosef Simcha ben Zakah Basya

The 16-year-old son of Soveya founders Eli and Zakah Glaser was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the delicate surgery to remove his tumor took place this week. Below is a update from Eli and Zakah Glaser on Yossi’s promising condition post-surgery. Please continue to pray for Yosef Simcha ben Zakah Basya for a complete and immediate recovery!

Dear Friends,

We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of prayers, love, and support from people across the globe. Mi K’Amcha Yisrael! It is humbling and inspiring to witness the greatness of our treasured nation.

We are awaiting results of the biopsy – please continue to daven that the results portend the best possible outcome. Since we don’t yet know what kind of tumor it is or how it will need to be treated, now is the window of time to ask for anything we want!

Thank G-d, the surgery for the biopsy was an extremely delicate procedure and it occurred without any complications and the surgeon was able to accomplish both of his objectives to:

(1) reach the tumor and remove three small samples for a biopsy without causing any damage to surrounding brain tissue or arteries.

(2) create a small hole in the ventricle to allow the buildup of cerebral spinal fluid to resume flowing and therefore relieve the pressure in the brain.

During the next day or two, the doctors should receive the lab reports of the biopsy to diagnose the kind of tumor and determine the appropriate next steps.

Thank G-d, Yossi woke up soon after the surgery and shows no signs of any neurological damage, (bli ayin hara). He’s resting as comfortably as possible and is extremely grateful (as are his parents and family) for all of the prayers and well wishes he has received. Yesterday, Yossi’s chevrusahs came and Yossi was learning away!

We are certain that your bountiful tefilos have had a major impact on the success of Monday’s surgery, as well as bringing tremendous unity and merit to the Jewish people.

Please continue to daven for Yosef Simcha ben Zakah Basya!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Eli and Zakah Glaser

P.S. Many people have asked – Zakah is spelled zayin, chaf, hay – from the word Zach (pure)

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  1. Hadassah Aber

    His Zaida davens at our minyan here in Florida and I am glad to see that many people are davening for this young man.

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