Father and Son Reunited after 28 Years (Video)

Father and Son Reunited after 28 Years (Video)

I found this clip so intensely moving. In this video, a father and son who have never met are brought together for the first time. As the video’s narrator says, “If you’ve ever wondered what the healing of a broken heart looks like, watch closely…”

When I saw this, I realized it is a great video to watch before Passover, when the Children of Israel are reunited with their Father in Heaven. This video gives us a small taste of the tremendous emotion and anticipation and excitement of our own Seder night reunification…

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com user NathelieLaure


  1. I too was moved by the video. Who could fail to be moved by the sight of a grown man crying because he has never known his father? it is tragic.

    this is reason to say with true kavanah, ashreinu mah tov chelkenu

    this tragedy was caused by a man and woman without morals, knowingly and willfully engaging in behavior reserved for married people with commitment to each other and commitment to any children they may have.

    and so a soldier was stationed briefly in the Phillipines and a girl was left pregnant. naturally the child was born and remained fatherless all his life until this reunion took place.

    and the tragedy continues… the young man, also (if I heard correctly) hopes to bring to the U.S. “his fiancee and THEIR TWO CHILDREN”

    thank you G-d for the Torah and its laws
    to prevent so much suffering of innocents, and such tragedies

    • Hadassah Aber

      At least the son learned from the father’s behavior not to ABANDON
      his ‘girlfriend’ and their children. He is taking responsibility for their financial future. True the tragedy was avoidable but he knows his children and is involved in their lives.

  2. Thanks for posting this. It was really a very touching story

  3. Hadassah, I am not convinced. True commitment comes with marriage, not some hazy “engagement.” They had time to have two kids but haven’t been able to have a wedding yet? The tragedy continues. It will be miraculous if these kids don’t do the same thing to their own children – have them without a committed, present father.

    More – the son now knows what he always suspected – that his father KNEW there was a son somewhere in the U.S. – and did not try to contact him. when the worst happened (his one committed parent died) he was left without a spare. Sooner or later (prob happened already) the son comes to the conclusion that what the father felt for him (if anything) was not real love at all. the reunion could not have made it all ok. pardon my reality check. Parents who abandon do life-long damage to their children and cannot undo it so fast.

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