The Unplanned Homebirth of the Soldier’s Wife

The Unplanned Homebirth of the Soldier’s Wife

There have been so many births in my neighborhood over the last few weeks (and so few women to cook for the newborns’ families, because so many women have husbands in the army and/or are already busy with war-related chesed projects) that I’ve received unprecedented amounts of last-minute emergency requests from the community coordinator to cook for families.
2 Fridays ago, I received one such urgent Whatsapp, so I added some water to my chicken soup and put together whatever I could towards a Shabbat meal and brought it over about half an hour before Shabbat.
When I arrived at the family’s apartment, I discovered a young mother still in her weekday clothing, squatting down to calm her crying toddler while holding her newborn in her arms. She looked so overwhelmed, I decided on the spot that I should definitely cook for her again, even without any emergency whatsapps.
But there’s a lot going on. In my family. In Israel.
And I forgot about that overwhelmed mother until I ran into her yesterday on the street with her baby bundled up blue in his stroller. She looked much better than the last time I’d seen her. And here is the incredible story she shared with me:
“My husband was on reserve duty in Hevron from October 7th until a few days ago. So for a few months I was on my own with our 2-year-old. Right before I gave birth our son was sick with a fever. Out of nowhere, I started feeling strong contractions, but I couldn’t go to the hospital because I didn’t have anyone to watch him! So I called my sister who lives about 20 minutes away. She rushed over. But by the time she arrived, I felt like I needed to push! I told my sister I needed to get to the hospital right away. But she understood that this baby wasn’t going to wait for the hospital. She called Magen David Adom, and their EMTs arrived soon after, and they delivered the baby in my apartment. It was insane.”
“B”H, my husband was allowed to come home after I gave birth and for the bris. And then last week my baby got sick and I had to spend 2 days with him at the PICU. But B”H, he’s fine now. And my husband,” she concluded with a relieved smile, “has finally been released and is home for good. We decided to name our baby Lavi.”
And when she said that, I thought immediately about how Lavi means a lion cub, the perfect name for the son of this mother. Who, like all the soldiers’ wives, has been forced to discover hidden reservoirs of idealism, determination, and fortitude to manage solo under the most difficult of circumstances. Each one is a laviya. A true lioness of Judah.
Mazal tov and Bsorot Tovot!

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  1. That is truly a stressful situation! I am so happy to hear that it ended well! Mazal tov!

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