“Is it Shabbos Yet?” (Video)

I thought this video about getting ready for Shabbat was very sweet, and I’m sure my kids are going to love it…Special thanks to Rachel Tal for sending it my way!


  1. wow, Hindel and Zalman Levitin, NICE WORK on this video. it makes me cry every time. and not because I’m the “Bubby Deitsch, Brooklyn, NY” in the video. it just really is beautiful and the sincerity is so strong and so obvious. if you have never spent Shabbos in Palm Beach with the Levitins and their Chabad community, I strongly recommend it. it’s an unforgettable experience. call 561 659 3884 to set it up.

  2. Chanel Lipskier

    Hey! I love this video too. And not because I happen to be their aunt (Hindel’s sister)… ok maybe. Hindel you are talented sista!!

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