Move Over Maccabeats…My Favorite Passover Song (Video)

Move Over Maccabeats…My Favorite Passover Song (Video)

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve received yet another music video by yet another new Jewish acapella singing group… But yesterday I saw this newly-released Passover video, and decided this is my absolute favorite Jewish acapella singing group music video. This video features an incredibly catchy tune sung by some very sweet teenage boys from Ramat Beit Shemesh, and I loved this group’s fantastic singing and their down-to-earth Anglo Israeliness and their dedication to building the land of Israel. Hope to be seeing more from these young men in the future!

Hat tip to Life in Israel
Photo courtesy of user Center for Jewish History NYC


  1. safta ann

    We need to teach our kids these songs in school instead of all those nonsense songs they teach the kids in English class here in
    Kol Hakavod guys, we’re proud of you

  2. Ilana Nelson

    Thanks for that! I also love the video my husband made of his version of the traditional song “emunim” that is sung at seder. Please check it out, it’s really fun and great to keep up our spirits for Pesach!:
    Shabbat shaom and moadim lesimcha, Ilana

  3. OK. First of all, thanks. Thanks for this link and in general for a wonderful, inspiring blog which really makes a huge positive difference in my life.

    I think this video, which is cute and of interest in many ways, also includes something I can’t believe you let pass without a comment: only Lubavitchers could lump the convicted Rubashkin with Gilad Shalit and Jonathan Pollard. That is SO disappointing.

    • The man was jailed, for heaven’s sake. Which was totally out of context of the “crime”. It is total anti-semitism. I am anti chabad, so u can’t accuse me of sticking with my own kind, except for the fact that we’re all Jews. If that can’t get ur support, I pity u.

    • Oh. yes i am also disappointed. i think that rubaashkin as an individual and we as a nation had an opportunity to take responisibility for his/our misdeeds. He committed both a sin and a crime and is being punished. He could accept secular justice, accepting that he is being punished for his crime, and make a kiddush hashem by owning up to his misdeeds and making a correction for them. instead we all continue to make a chillul hashem by demanding that the american justice system set free a convicted man.

      • No, we demand FAIR punishment for his crimes. Look at the sentences for far lesser crimes. Lifetime in jail is not reasonable for what he did. (Remember that the original trumped up drug/underage worker/illegal immigrants charges were dropped.) He is in jail for defaulting on a loan when the government closed him down.

  4. Ladies, Pejssoch is coming soon!!!!
    May be we should just think about our own limitations and let the other people be. They have their own cheshboynos with HKB”H!

    I really liked the video. Thank you. You have such a S’chus to live in E”I. You have to appreciate it every day, please.

    Leah (from Berlin, where ones supposed to be no jews left…)

  5. Barbara Morris

    I want to sing this song with my class. Would you kindly send me the lyrics?
    Many thanks and keep up the great work.

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