With all of Your Soul: An Israeli Soldier’s Unforgettable Story (Video)

With all of Your Soul: An Israeli Soldier’s Unforgettable Story (Video)

I made this moving video below about one of the heroes of the Gaza War, and it’s been viewed over 20,000 times so far. I am posting this today in honor of Yom Hazikaron, Israeli Memorial Day honoring Israel’s fallen soldiers and terror victims, who were killed al Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying God’s name. If it wasn’t for our heroic soldiers, like the one featured in this video, and the fallen ones we honor on Yom HaZikaron, then I would not be able to be a Jewish mom in this holy land. These soldiers risk and often lose their lives in order to enable me and my family to live in safety. And I, and we, owe them infinite gratitude.


Photo courtesy of IDF spokesperson


  1. Bracha Goetz

    Thank you for this very inspiring video.

  2. B”H

    Thank you for this beautiful movie. As a recent olah and the wife of a soldier who was required to serve 6 months and instead chose to serve for 2 years so as to give as much as possible to the IDF and to Israel, I have a window into the tireless efforts our soldiers exert in order to protect all of us in Israel–and, for that matter, all Jews everywhere.

    May HaShem protect all of our soldiers and bring each one safely home.

    • JewishMom

      Sara, this is amazing. I didn’t know this about Noam. You two are true inspirations to me.

  3. A really moving film. Thank you. I passed it on .

  4. Beautiful. How he internalizes the example of Rabbi Akiva and is not afraid to use it.

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