The Best Revenge: Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Birth of 99th Grandchild

(Reprinted from
Below is a translation of a very heartwarming article that appeared on the Ynet website and was written by Yechiel Fleischman.

Yoel and Breindy Fleischman are my grandparents. I am their seventh grandchild, and this week their 99th great-grandchild was born. Even more are on the way, God willing.

As a child who sat on their laps and felt their warm embrace, and also later on, I asked them many times about the numbers tattooed on their arms. But they wouldn’t answer me. They kept quiet, just as they always did over the years. Maybe they wanted to protect us from the awful knowledge, or maybe they preferred to push it all away and forget about it…

This year, in honor of Yom Hashoah, when they looked at their large family, the next generation, they decided to tell their story for the first time…

Read the complete article and watch the moving interview with the happy great-grandparents. Interview in Hebrew, but the nachas of this great-grandmother holding her 99th great-grandchild needs no translation…Her treasured, yiddishe neshama’le as well as nekama’le on Hitler, yemach shmo v’zichro.

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