This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: How to Free Yourself from Guilt

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  1. Chana!!! ok, so I use to never buy my kids clothes becasue my brother has 2 girls that are 2 years older than my girls- so I never had to really except underwear…well now that we live far from each other I really buy them only things that are on sale- or clearance- but please I have to tell you why- my heart breaks when i see the american made shirts or sweaters that are top quality stained or torn from the playground- the washine machine that takes 2 hours really kills anything new after 3 or 4 washes and so I just prefer nott to feel bad about hard earned money waisted- I also see the girls at my daughters school who wear the shiny outfits with headband and shoes to match (who are also wearing lip gloss and some eyeshadow)- and I so vividly remember my childhood too- there were always those about 2-4 kids that got whatever they wanted -or their moms wanted for them- and would make other kids feel “poor” becasue their clothes werent calvin klein or keds shoes rather then the payless brand…if your girls or mine for that matter dont say anything or complain that they feel inadequate or lacking then who is this teacher to come and lay the guilt or the labels on your humble little clan…I think that kids love hand me downs becasue they either rub it into their cousins or feel like its an heirloom, they want to keep it in shape for the next cousin and so on…i dunno – i have mixed feelings about this one- sometimes i feel like i want to throw out all their stained gufiyot-undershirts- but its under and no one sees the yellow stains and the purpose is to keep them warm- or their arms covered under a tee shirt so Im ferklemped on this one.

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